JavaFX Installation guide

Now a days it is not necessary to install javafx because it is combined with all version of java like java SE, JAVA EE etc.

Means it become a part of java language so you haven’t to do for installing javafx.

What You Have To Do for installation ?

If java is not installed then install latest version of java and javafx is embedded in java so you haven’t to worry about javafx.

If your java version is not updated then update it because the older version (before 1.7) not embedded with javafx so that to run a javafx application you should update to the latest version.

If you follow the above step then you can able to run javafx application using any of these way:

  • Using CMD (command-Line)
  • Using IDE (like netbeans, eclipse)

Installation of javafx in netbeans and eclipse:

If the latest version of java is installed in your device you haven’t worry about javafx installation in netbeans or eclipse.


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