JavaFX Drag And Drop Event


JavaFX DragEvent:

  • Drag events replace mouse events during drag-and-drop gesture.
  • Drag event occoures when we drag nodes, files and images etc.
  • Drag gesture can be started by calling startDragAndDrop() in the event handler.

Drag and Drop Events :

And set these event using these methods

  • setOnDragEntered() for Drag entered events.
  • setOnDragExited() for drag existed events.
  • setOnDragDetected() for drag detected events.
  • setOnDragDropped() for drag dropped events.

We initiate a drag and drop gesture using startDragAndDrop() method.

startDragAndDrop() takes a set of TransferModes.

TransferMode in Drag and Drop Event :

It allows user to copy and move etc. It is a super type of all transferModes.

It allows user to copy the source.

allow for both copying and moving, whatever user chooses

JavaFX Drag and Drop Example:


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